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In many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, young people have limited access to youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services and accurate information. Parents, communities and policymakers may be reluctant to discuss young people’s sexuality. Gender roles and expectations restrict how young women and men should behave and act. And young people are often excluded from programmes and decisions about their own sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

This is challenging for all young people. But even more so for young people living with HIV and from key populations (young men who have sex with men, young transgender people, and young people who sell sex and/or inject drugs) who face stigma, discrimination and violence.

Together, we can change this. READY is a youth-led movement, working with and for adolescents and young people aged 10-24 years living with and affected by HIV mainly in East, Central and Southern Africa, but with a growing global presence in West Africa, North Africa, Middle East and Asia. We support adolescents and young people in their diversity – regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression – to understand their SRHR and make healthier choices.

Young people: at the heart of READY

Young people helped create the READY movement. Today, they remain at its core. All READY Movement interventions place adolescents and young people in their diversity at the centre of design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation. Adolescents and young people are valued as equal partners who are actively involved in all areas of SRHR programming, including advocacy. The Global Network of Young People Living with HIV (Y+), with support from Frontline AIDS and partners, leads advocacy at the national, regional and international levels.

Snapshot of READY Movement interventions

Launched in 2016, the READY Movement now includes five interventions implemented by youth-led and youth-focussed organisations, with more planned for the future:

1. READY+ aims to reach 30,000 adolescents and young people living with HIV in eSwatini, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The four-year programme increases access to holistic care and support: promoting not only SRHR but also mental health in order to foster resilience. Community Adolescent Treatment Supporters (CATS) play a vital role. During home and clinic visits, CATS provide information, counselling and support to other young people living with HIV and encourage adherence to HIV treatment.

2. READY Teens provides comprehensive SRH services and builds the capacity of youth leaders who run safe spaces for adolescents from key populations in Burundi, Ethiopia and Uganda. Adolescents aged 10-19 learn about HIV and SRHR and develop their skills so that they can make healthier choices. In just two years, READY Teens has reached over 15,000 adolescents with comprehensive SRH information and services.

3. READY to Lead strengthens the leadership and advocacy skills of 100 young female peer supporters in Zimbabwe. The programme focuses on the power of young women and adolescent girls to become effective leaders in the community and to influence key HIV and SRHR policies and budgets. In turn, the women become mentors and role models to other young women.

4. i-READY supports and creates information and communication technology (ICT) tools that can be used by adolescents and young people in Burundi and Mozambique to promote access to information on SRHR, peer support and adherence to HIV treatment. Supported by the SPIDER centre, adolescents and young people devise innovative ICT solutions, based on their needs.

5. READY Fellowship builds the advocacy and leadership skills of young people living with HIV. Members of the Y+ Board take part in an intensive six-month training programme, working with the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) and Frontline AIDS.

READY interventions are based on the principles shown in the READY wheel below. These principles were adapted from Aiming High, which was developed in collaboration with young people in Bangladesh, Burundi, Ethiopia, Myanmar and Uganda under the Link Up project. Aiming High lists ten strategies that serve as practical guidelines for policymakers and civil society organisations on how to work with adolescents and young people in a meaningful, inclusive way.

READY works with a wide range of target groups so that:

  1. Young people are ready to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing: to lead, speak up and demand their rights.
  2. Parents, caregivers and communities are ready to support young people and to promote their rights, health and wellbeing
  3. Service providers are to deliver youth-friendly services, including HIV and SRH services, psychosocial support, and information
  4. Decision-makers are ready to champion the SRHR of adolescents and young people living with and affected by HIV.

Youth Advocacy

READY gives youth advocates around the world a place where they can share ideas, unite around key issues and demand their right to health. Y+ is the engine behind the movement.


Campaigns and social media

  • #READYtoDecide, which aims to end genderbased violence against women and girls.
  • #WeAreREADY – Fresh Voices Making Choices, which supports young people to influence the decisions that affect their lives, health and wellbeing
  • #WeAreREADY to #ActOnHIV, which unites young people and organisations to promote the rights of young people and bring attention to the impact of HIV

READY has an active social media presence, run by youth advocates:
We also produce a snappy READY newsletter twice a year. And youth advocates have access to a thriving community of practice where they can share research and news of upcoming events, as well as take part in webinars


Joining the movement means that as an individual or organisation, you ‘sign on’ to support the meaningful involvement of adolescents and young people in their diversity in all areas of SRHR and HIV programming and policy. In practice, this means that:

  • As an adolescent or young person, you are ready to learn and be empowered to influence decisions relating to your SRHR. You gain knowledge and skills to build your resilience and enable you to contribute to policy and debate on SRHR and HIV at local, national and global levels.
  • For implementing agencies, your programme is based on the Aiming High principles outlined in the READY wheel. Most importantly, adolescents and young people in their diversity are at the centre of design, delivery and monitoring and evaluation of programmes.

When you join the movement, you will have access to useful tools developed by and with young people to empower communities on SRHR and HIV. You’ll also be able to learn about effective HIV and SRHR programming.

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