Download our resources for young people living with HIV and healthcare professionals. A collection of tools and resources to help young people living with HIV advocate for their rights, and healthcare professionals to support them.

Young, Wild and Free implementation guide

What is Young, Wild, & Free?

Due to the fact that young key populations are a often criminalized populations and working with them seems more of a recruiting exercise, a lot of organizations shy away from working with them. We work ...

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HIV treatment and care for adolescents

WHO launches 2021 guidelines with PSS 'strongly recommended'

Every few years the World Health Organization (WHO) brings together experts from across the globe to look at the latest evidence and then make recommendations ...

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Teenergizer team achievements

How a teenager can talk to a teenager about sex education?

We are very pleased to present a new guide to how a teenager can talk to a teenager about sexual education? based on UNESCO ...

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COVID-19 People's Vaccine

Why the HIV Community can make a difference

For many years the prohibitive prices of HIV medicines meant only the world’s wealthiest countries and people could afford them. While in the global north effective treatment was widely ...

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COVID - 19 & HIV

Questions and Answers for Adolescents living with HIV in time of COVID-19

The questions are directly from A&YPLHIV and were the most common questions submitted through social media. They focus on key concerns specific to A&YPLHIV about COVID-19

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COVID - 19: Keeping YP Healthy

Practical guides

Practical guides for adolescents and young people, parents and caregivers, healthcare providers and implementing partners to keep young people healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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READY to care

Improving health services for young people living with HIV

This booklet is for healthcare providers who want to learn how they can help young people living with HIV feel more comfortable and supported in health services.

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READY to advocate

A guide for young people living with HIV

This booklet is for young people living with HIV who want to be involved in advocacy, and includes ways to get involved, top tips, and some words of inspiration.

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