WHO launch 2021 guidelines with PSS 'strongly recommended' in HIV treatment and care for adolescents

Every few years the World Health Organization (WHO) brings together experts from across the globe to look at the latest evidence and then make recommendations about which interventions and approaches for HIV work the best. These become part of the international guidelines which are shared with countries to support them to deliver care for people affected by HIV, including young people. So in 2020, we talked to 388 young people living with HIV on behalf of the WHO, to find out from those who know best. We asked them for their opinions about how psychosocial support (PSS) can improve young people’s engagement in care and other health outcomes.

Young people told us loud and clear that when they are receiving psychosocial support such as peer support, counselling, support groups, this improves how they feel about themselves and can help them to have a clearer understanding of their own health and treatment.

All the evidence was shared with WHO and they are now launching the new guidelines with a recommendation that psychosocial support should be included in HIV treatment and care for adolescents.

Watch our animation to hear about what we learnt from young people and how PSS can improve the lives of young people living with HIV

We would like to thank all the young people who took part and Y+ Global for reaching out to young people across the globe to encourage them to take part.

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