Youth-Led Political Declaration Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit was created by and for young people and youth-led organisations and networks working at the intersections of youth and HIV. Within the kit, you will find different documents or 'modules' that provide information on how the Political Declaration can be used for advocacy at the grassroots and national levels.

You do not need to cover every topic and every intersection in this guide or even use every bit of information. Rather, this was designed so you can pick and choose what is most relevant to your situation/organisation and be able to use global-level processes and commitments to support your advocacy at the national and grassroots levels.

If you use any aspect of this kit or the 2021 PD in your advocacy, we would love to hear about it and use it as a case study to support other youth-led organisations working on these issues. Please submit a brief initial overview of a case study to

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