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Unpacking questions and answers on COVID-19 and living with HIV

By Micheal Senyonga, Uganda

It was of great joy to me when I was selected to be part of the UNICEF East and Southern Africa social media campaign on COVID-19 and young people living with HIV. The questions were consolidated by the Y+ Global with support from country networks of young people living with HIV.

Personally I actively participated in responding to the questions which young people submitted on COVID-19 and living with HIV not limited to where young people should go and seek medical attention but also, how they should protect themselves during the COVID 19 times to stay safe. I also provided a response to how to deal with COVID 19 stigma especially to people who have tested positive.

Surely learning is a process that does not easily end, I managed to support many young people especially those living with HIV with the right information they needed in the time of COVID-19.

Through the same video clips, I discovered media as a great tool for advocacy but also availing information to many young people. Its was a surprise to me that my video reached almost 1000 people and through that, many reached out to my inbox asking more about what they had not understood. This gave me opportunity to serve information to young people from various countries as well. And through the same I have been given the opportunity to sit on the district COVID-19 task force representing young people.

UNICEF has endeavored to bring us young people on board and thank you so much for supporting the participation of young people.

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